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It's Allergy season!

Here is some information and tips:

Most patients with eye allergies complain of itchy, watery and red eyes.​​ A simple eye exam in our office is important in making the diagnosis ​because some other disorders can cause red eye. ​​



  • Avoid the substances that set off those symptoms: When the pollen count is high, keep windows, doors, and vents closed

  • Avoid cutting grass and doing outdoor activities ​ ​ ​

  • Wear Glasses or Sunglasses ​​Switch to Daily Contact Lenses​

  • You can obtain temporary relief by applying cold compresses to your eyes or by washing them out with saline or artificial tears.​​​ ​​

  • Many eye drops that help in different ways are available to treat eye allergies. Your choice depends on the intensity of your symptoms​ and the Doctor's recommendations.

  • Orally ingested antihistamines may partially relieve visual and nasal symptoms, but topical eye drops may prove to be faster and more successful in relieving ocular itch, redness, and swelling. Eye drops also allow the medication to get straight to the affected eyes.​


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